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ProductsAutomatic Keyway Milling Machine

An automatic key way milling machine is SERVO BASED machine. In this machine depth cut is controlled by SERVO motor.

icon make an automatic key-way milling machine is specially designed for making key-ways on shaft. The shaft is clamped with self-centering vice. The feed is automatic with SERVO MOTOR , Depth of cut can programmable as per requirement as per stroke. At desired final depth machine gets automatically stopped with instant sound of buzzer and spindle take his home position. icon key-way milling machine is useful to achieve P-9 tolerances for shaft keyways and faster in operation than other conventional milling machines.

This key-way machine is faster in operation than other lathe and conventional milling machines. The key-way machine gives precise keyways with high production at low cost. This key-way machine is useful for applications in achieving tolerances for shaft keyways. The key-way machine is suitable for applications in electric motor manufacturing companies; reduction gearbox manufacturing companies; pharmaceutical die punch manufacturing companies; other machinery manufacturing companies; and almost all machine tools industry. The key-way machine is available with different technical specifications.

Technical Specification

Spindle RPM 1800 RPM 0 - 2200 RPM
Shaft Clamping Dia12 mm to 70 mm 12 mm to 100 mm
Length of Key-Way5 mm to 150 mm 5 mm to 200 mm
Key-Way Size 3 mm to 13 mm3 mm to 16 mm
Standard Collet ER - 20 ER - 25
Power Required 1.6 HP / 1.194 KW 2.1 HP / 1.567 KW

We Customize Machine As Per Customer requirement

Key Features

  • High accuracy, P9 tolerance can be achieved.
  • Reliable, Economical & Durable
  • Accurate depth control by means of its accurate mechanism.
  • Automatic operation to get 100% desired output.
  • Easy to operate, can be handled by semi skilled operator
  • More tooling life
  • No additional accessories required.
  • All components made to close tolerance.
  • Rugged construction, long service life.
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Application Industries

  • Gear Box Manufacturer
  • Electric Motors Manufacturer
  • Pump Manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical Machine Manufacturer
  • Packaging Machine Manufacturer
  • Rotary Pump, Gear Pump, Pressure gauge, Manufacturer
  • Textile machine manufacturer
  • Other Machine Tools and Plastic Process Machine Manufacturer
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